Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Some Videos.

Here's a disturbing video featuring Geordie, a heroin addict. He shows his track marks, his scars from abcesses, and talks about when he first used.

And this video is a preview of the heroin addicted twins segment on Dr. Phil. (Yes, I'm blogging Dr. Phil now. This is what living with a man in recovery has done to me!) What frightens me most about these videos is the sense of recognition I feel. I'm so familiar with the picked face, the slurry, slow speech, the heavy eyes, the hanging head. How I lived with this man without knowing he was high amazes me now. I can look back over times when I knew something was wrong with him, when he was trying to talk to me urgently and so slowly and sluggishly failing to communicate...denial is a powerful thing, huh?

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