Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Last night was beautiful.

Last night was so nice. He said that instead of feeling awful all the time and having occasional flashes of feeling normal, he feels normal all the time and has occasional flashes of feeling awful...but I think that doesn't quite capture what is happening to him. He doesn't feel just normal. He has these moments of being able to feel really good. We have been having sex, talking, touching each other again, and it's been so good lately and so special. I am remembering why I love this man. I am forgetting why I was so angry.

We spent a few hours last night lying on the couch together, naked, just talking and talking and holding each other. I rubbed his back and it was like he'd never been touched before. It's amazing watching someone come out of the misery of withdrawal and the haze of active addiction to realize that life really is beautiful.

It's the perfect time for it, too...the birds are singing, the weather is pretty, the flowers are blooming. Spring is an excellent time for withdrawal.

I should go check the Soberrecovery forum. I posted a question yesterday about alcohol use, and I'd begun to get a few responses. It's amazing how helpful these silly forums can be.


Triste said...

Been reading your blog... thought this last post was exceptionally nice and uplifting.

Alexandra said...

I know..it's a stretch. Your writing is beautiful.

living hopefully, wishing and waiting.. said...

e and I are going through this right now, and you're right, it IS wonderful!