Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lifting My Own Spirits.

My new guru says often that positive thinking means lifting our own spirits. I'm trying to live in that definition today.

I'm lifting my spirits by cleaning my space and making it smell nice. I'm wearing comfortable clothes that make me feel beautiful. I'm spending time with people who make me feel calm and happy. I'm petting my animals and taking long baths.

Most of the time, it's working. It works best if I don't talk to my husband, but sometimes, it works even if I do talk to him.

Who would have known that self care would be so simple and so difficult. Every time I think I'm doing it right, I recognize that there are whole realms of places where I can do better, nurture myself more.

I wonder where it happened that I lost track of how to love myself. In the end, I guess, it doesn't matter, since I'm getting it back today.