Friday, October 12, 2007

This Is Just To Say.

Cuntface Damsel In Distress just reminded me of this goddamned poem by William Carlos Williams, who apparently has lots of opinions about my marriage this week.

(Dear Dr. Williams, if you must send me poetic messages from your grave, could you please send them with less infuriating frequency? Yes, I loathed your work as an undergraduate. Yes, I submit to its relevance, crispness, and chill beauty now. I'm sorry I didn't like you and called you cold and male and said that your name was stupid when I was but a wee girl of twenty years. OK? Can we stop this now?)

Anyway, while these poems keeping popping up in that bitch-slapping, higher-power proving kind of way, I continue to find them very sexy and repulsive and annoying. How dare he:

This is just to say

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which

you were probably

for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious

so sweet
and so cold

How dare he eat her breakfast and leave her that sexy poem note! How dare he!

Yes, darling wife, I took your stuff, that was yours and necessary in the most basic, breakfast way. I know you might have thought of those cool plums last night and how they'd be great in the morning. But alas! I am very sexy, very needy, and a tortured artist, and so I take your things and leave you with an empty belly and this thin sliver of beauty, ripped right out of my tortured little heart. Forgive me and love me! I know you're hungry now, but look at how I bat my long eyelashes and make your world more beautiful! Fill you belly with my loveliness!



This poem is one of my favorites of his! Gosh, I probably hadn't thought of it in over 10 years!! Very appropriate!

Ingrid said...

The poem is beautiful in its simplicity, and I could not help but smile reading your post. It's humorous and tender at the same time.

Wayward Son said...

I think that one can eat the plums just so many times before the beauty begins to decline in it's compensatory abilities. Age will do that all by itself so best for Mr. Junky to build a more stable form of personal currency that will hold its value better once the beauty fades—and trust me, it will. Keep on trudging through on your quest for a more pragmatic and long lasting path of fulfillment. Though it also must be nice to stop and smell the roses (see, touch and feel them too) while they are in full bloom.


Screedler said...

Howdy TJW - I'ma friend from TDA.

I saw this and thought you might be interested. The site is Russian (I think) so I'm not sure what the content is saying but the pictures speak for themselves on the downward spiral of drug use.

The pictures take a while to load but well worth the wait.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

My addict husband told me about his relapse and then ate the last of the cookies today. Oh, sorry dear -- I ate the tasty sugary goodies which were to sustain you in your depression. But I'm so pretty. I know you'll never leave. Fucking William Carlos Williams. Fucking husbands.

Stepbackjack said...

William Carlos Williams is an addict and his wife a codie.

Recovering Wino said...

Hey there...hope you are doing well. Just wanted to tell you that all that matters is forming God in your own mind. If you develop an idea of what He is, you will continue to develop it in your mind and learn more about his nature throughout your recovery.

Congrats on step 3!

longvowels said...

Ha! that's awesome. That is exactly what he was talking about!