Monday, September 3, 2007

Amy Winehouse And Pete Doherty, Oh My!

I try to keep posting these stories when I don't have much to say. I'm tired, but never fear, my loyal readers, there are addicts acting up worldwide, and I'll be sure to bring you news of them, even in my boring contentedness. And as long at Pete Doherty is still breathing, there will be heroin news.


I do wish Amy Winehouse would quit acting like that, though. She's so clever and sings so well. I suppose I probably really like her because she's an addict, and I love me some yummy addicts, especially the downward spiraling artistic kind...I like her music, and I'd hate to have to throw the magic pussy at her.

And here's one more little tidbit. I always enjoy these "Grandma slangs dope in suburbia!", I make a little more off videos! Click click click!

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sKILLz said...

I love how its says Pete has never seen anything like it. LMFAO....he never seen someone overdosing before foaming at the mouth and fitting? WTF? Maybe he's never seen himself od but Im sure his posse has od in front of him before. Fuck just watch a movie if you've never seen it before, I can give him a long list to watch. What an idiot. And like a twat he fled the scene instead of making sure she was alright he didnt want any bad publicity, too too funny.
My top pick for junkie movies is "Panic In Needle Park" Al Pacino's first movie ever. Fantastic, brilliant acting by all.

Gypsy (Skillz Wife)