Thursday, July 19, 2007


Today, I'm deep, deep, deep in the sex haze. You know the sex haze, don't you? That thing that happens where you're partner has pleased you so entirely that he or she can do no wrong...where you could be convinced to buy him or her, say, a milkshake for dinner.

I can barely think I'm so happy with my man. I am happy with his cheek bones, particularly the way his cheek bones look from above when his head is pressed against my breast. I am also happy with the way his beard feels against the back of my neck. I am pleased with his stomach and his strong shoulders and his mouth and his hair that's curling in the back now that it's longer and with his teeth against my tongue and all the way down his throat and everything inside him, outside him, all over.

I can smell his skin on my hands still.


Anonymous said...

"I can smell his skin on my hands still."
G-d what a beautiful post.


Stagnant Artist said...

God......... i want sex now..... thanks! i am sitting at work and am now officially jealous!

longvowels said...

hmmm ... that IS nice...

Absurdity said...

What a yummy, yummy, crazy delicious post.

sKILLz said...

I know that haze very well. I am so glad that me and my wife are so happy with each other sexually. Theres never any kind of awkwardness or anything.
Well back to you, glad your feeling that way! :P