Monday, July 23, 2007

From A Jack To A King.

This morning, we were screaming at each other about paper towels. Screaming! He NEEDED paper towels. The health inspector is COMING. I'd said there were paper towels at home, but there were NO PAPER TOWELS! I was mad that he was mad. I was mad that he wanted me to buy him paper towels. I was mad that he didn't have money to buy his own goddamned paper towels.

I get to work, and everyone is quiet. The boss tells me that my coworker's wife died this Saturday.

We're a really small office, so we all know each other pretty well. It's a casual, wonderful place to work, and so this news is heartbreaking. Mike was riding with his wife on their motorcycles in the mountains this weekend. She's a beautiful woman, and he's never said anything but sweet, sweet things about her. Last week, they celebrated their second wedding anniversary.

He went around a curve, and looked back behind him. She never followed. He backtracked to find her, and couldn't. He finally figured out she'd gone over an edge.

Mike's in a band, and I went to see them perform last year. I met his wife there. He called her up to the stage, and she looked at him as if he were her dream-man-rock-star, and he sang, "From A Jack To A King" to her. It was lovely. She was lovely and so was he.

I clocked out of work and took my man his stupid, stupid paper towels.


Doctor Rick said...

I'm sorry for the grief you experienced. I too get wrapped up in every day annoyances. It's easy to lose peace over unimportant things and not realize how valuable our time on earth is. We need to savor life while we have it and not waste precious time fretting over the small stuff.

Anonymous said...

Uuugghh, I'm sorry for your loss, J-Wife, and for your colleague's.
Paper towels are a bit stupid at times like these, aren't they.

Anam_Kihaku said...

shit. i feel for him and you all.

as for paper towels. best inention ever. but get himt o buy his own at costco for like 40 rolls for $10..

DirtyBitchSociety said...

I swear life can be such a shit sandwich sometimes.Gotta hold onto the good, huh?

msb said...

isn't it funny how such a mundane thing like papertowels can just suck the drama out of a good real life on lifes terms?

sKILLz said...

Im sorry to hear about your friend. That sucks. At least you have that memory of her up on stage on him singing to her.

Anonymous said...

heartbreaking. i'm sorry.