Friday, June 22, 2007

Why are there knives everywhere?

So the last time my husband was acting up with the silverware, he got us in a whole world of trouble. I keep finding knives, everywhere. There is one on the back of the toilet, and one by the bed, and one on the mantle, and one under the stairs.

Because I'm crazy, I am now Googling "knives drugs" and "knives drug paraphernalia" and asking him, frantically jokingly, "How are you using the knives to get high? Do you have enemies I don' t know about?"

So if any of you know of any interesting ways my husband could be using our cutlery to get high, please let me know.



There's no stains on the knives. I'm pretty sure he'd hide them if he were really using them for drugs, and we do have tin foil, and I've seen him construct a lovely pipe from tin foil once before to smoke pot.


I think he is just very, very strange.



Tonight, while out at dinner with him and one of my real-time BFFs, he said that he hid knives everywhere because of our peeping tom. Alone, he told me that he thought our house was haunted. I guess he's going to chop up the ghost with our steak knives.

How many times do I have to tell him, "Don't come between a Southern woman and her flatware!"

Heroin or no heroin, peeping tom or no peeping tom, brain-crazed zombie or no brain-crazed zombie, let's leave my lovely spoons and knives out of it! I can live with a madman, but not if it interferes with my cultural rite of collecting flatware!


honeybee said...

First time reader, not sure if I should be butting in...

There is a technique called "hotknifing" whereby you can smoke solids such as opium. One puts the substance to be used on the tip of one knife while heating the tip of a another knife in a flame or against a heating element. One then presses the hot knife tip over the other knife tip and inhales the resultant vapor. Generally, two knives are used, and tell-tale discoloration is present on one or both knife tips.

The Discovering Alcoholic said...

I don't leave a hammer in the bathtub because its very presence just makes it all the more likely that I will use it. And using a hammer in the bathtub never creates pleasant results!

Same with the knives in strange locations and especially for someone with an at-best tenuous recovery and frame of mind.

Drunk and high but not using heroin? Got a job but doesn't work or get paid? Drug spoons that just happen to appear and now knives?

Have an exit plan ready my friend. I pray you will get the best but be prepared for the worst.

.E said...

Yup. Can be done with heroin, but doubt anyone would do it, as it's a total waste, especially if you're a shooter. Plus if he was smoking it would probably be using foil, still a waste, but not as bad as hot-knifing which is really mainly used to smoke hash.

mahog said...

M agrees with .e.
He says it's a waste but it is possible.

elf_fu said...

When I was a kid we always used butter knives for hot knifing --more surface area to squish the hash and snort it.

Using the knives like such blackened them and often twisted or warped the cheaper made.

Never sharp knives like you are describing.

Almost sounds like he is extremely paranoid and is hiding easily accessible weaponry everywhere possible about the house.

Anonymous said...

Have you just come out and asked him what the hell its all about. Maybe he plans on stabbing the stray? Sounds like the behavior of a tweaker not and H addict. lol.

sla said...

First time blogger here as well...Have limited experience with heroin addict (son's dad is/was one). Could be paranioa. Son's dad is now supposed to be clean after years(10+) of use. Now is paranoid and at one time hid weapons to protect himself. Paranioa started subtle at first. Just a thought.

~Babsbitchin~ said...

I still carry knives or guns at all times. Once you've seen the seedy side, you know it's potential. It's called game up. It's being on top of the program. He would not waste his heroin on or by using a knife and you don't have to crush it, if you inject it. You need only to cook it up and use a good cotton ball. You get a dirt shot, if you don't or you can and if your system isn't used to taking on crap, it goes into shock. First hand experience with that one.
No, it's for protection, it's that simple. I'm betting on this one.
Tomorrow is my 9th year w/o heroin but I am still armed to the teeth.

Pop'n'Fresh said...

I have 2 theories. The first is that your husband is so insecure and fearful of the world becasue he's NOT using that he stores weapons to protect him and you from real or imagined threats.
The second is that he is a paranoid junkie...perhaps those creepy crawlies in the night are people he owes money to? Perhaps he fears retribution for something he's done to someone. Perhpaps the dope is just fucking with his head.