Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sick Pops.

My husband's father is sick. We thought he'd had a stroke, but it's not a stroke. He has a lesion on his brain that had caused some swelling. This morning, he couldn't move his left side or talk at all. He went to the hospital on the ambulance, and now he's in I.C.U.

When he was out of town last weekend, he was with his father and visited his grandfather. I'm glad they got to go and hang out, even though I hated for him to be gone.

I think his dad's going to be ok. When we saw him, he was talking. He looks like he's in a lot of pain, but he can move his left side and speak, which must be good.

There's always stuff, huh.

My husband was saying that he felt like his dad would be around forever. His father does seem like the kind of guy who'd live to be 100. He's super-skinny and energetic and eats really healthy and does stuff like work in the yard all the time. I hope he lives to be 100.

He's a good man. He can be kind of cold sometimes, but I think he's probably earned that coldness from years of living with his mother, who has been in and out of active addiction for a long, long time, and with his son, my husband the madman. I like him, a lot. He's been good to talk to sometimes about stuff with my husband. He's got quite a bit of experience dealing with an addict, and quite a bit of experience dealing with my con-man husband. He loves in that fierce fatherly way. I'd like him to love my kids.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Hugs to you, your husband and his father. Scary stuff.

Wayward Son said...

Not ever having known my father, father stories slay me. I am glad the both of you have this opportunity and the awareness of how valuable the experiences you have with family can be.