Saturday, June 23, 2007

Effects Of Heroin Addict Father Preconception.

I got this comment on my "Dissapointment of a failed search" post from last week, and I felt like I should respond:

I have been pondering whether or not to actually admit that I was the one who
was searching "effects of heroin addict father preconception". Well, it was me.
It is quite embarrassing after reading it but I bet you can understand after I
explain myself. I have been with my husband 9 yrs and have no children. He got
out of rehab in January but is still not living back at home with me. Mostly,
because I would swear on my life that he still using even though he denies it.
We both talk about wanting to have a family. I really do want to have a baby but
a million questions come rushing thru my head. For example, yes I do want a baby
but, should he be fathering it? If he is still using, would the baby be okay? If
I did get pregnant would it be the one thing that would make him want to quit?
Those are just a few. So, please think of me as just a girl wanting to have a
normal life again with her so-called recovering drug addict husband.

So, dear Google searcher:

Please write to me if you ever want to. I'd love to make friends. I'm betting that we have a lot in common. I want a baby, too, and I have a crazy-ass husband, and I'm scared. So I understand if you want to be anonymous, but if you ever feel like emailing, you always can at

I'm a crazy codependent who thinks she can save the world from the evils of heroin, so if you ever need anyone to cry or complain to, I'm (electronically) here for you.

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Wayward Son said...

OK. Enough with the crazy codependent stuff. People who are out to save the world have to at least start out believing they can. No one can save the world from anything if they think they can't. As far as delusions go, this one is a helpful one amidst a world that is dreadfully full of harmful ones.

If you believe, I believe. If we believe others will follow—people are sheep. That's just how it works.