Thursday, June 21, 2007

Behind Pinned Eyes

Check out my friend's new site Behind Pinned Eyes. He was the writer of this guest blog from last week, and he's just begun his journey to recovery with a visit to a methadone clinic today. If he keeps it up, the blog promises to be an interesting read, hopeful read.

Also, in this first post, he gratifies my vanity and assists in my fucked-up codependent world view, where I will single-handedly free the world from the evils of heroin through blogging. One junky at a time!

But honestly, through corresponding with this new blogger, I've found him to be a good writer and all kinds of crazy conflicted, which will make for perfect blog reading for those of us (and you codies know who I'm talking to) who enjoy that tortured soul thing...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ha! Thanks sweetie, do yourself a favor and take credit where credit is due. I always had the idea that if I could just help ONE person to stop, or not start, through my sharing my experience, then it would make all the years of abuse worth (mean) something. So yes, enjoy the self gratification (lol), you helped someone who couldn't find the power to help himself. Also, thank you for the free advertisement! I look forward to our continued friendship!