Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sweet Relief.

So my husband isn't going to jail. I'd been too nervous about it to even post here, and I'm not ever too nervous to post. I have this huge knot in the pit of my stomach that's been driving me crazy since yesterday.

"OK, so I didn't tell you, but my probation officer called my mom's house. He said if I didn't meet with him, he'd issue a warrant for my arrest," he told me yesterday evening. I knew he was being unusually quiet and reflective. He fried bacon on the stove so solemnly.

He was fairly sure that he'd gotten out of his probation. I'm not sure what gave him the confidence he had about it, but he'd decided that he wasn't doing probation anymore. He was done with that part of his life.

The last few meetings he'd been to, he'd been left in the waiting room for hours, and lots of people had looked at him as if they didn't know what he was talking about when he asked them what was going on. No one seemed to recognize his name.

This probation business has been weighing on my mind, but it's not my bucket of shit. I've been letting it go, hoping for the best. I freaked last night when he started throwing around words like "arrest warrant."

I don't want to have to do without him. He's a pain in my ass, but I want him home with me. Always.

So he went to his meeting today, and it's all ok. He's got to start going back to meetings, but otherwise, everything is fine.

At least I hope it is and it wasn't a lie. I checked online, and there's no warrant for his arrest yet.

Now I'm off to a meeting.

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DirtyBitchSociety said...

I'll tell ya, it's not a good feeling, having that shit hanging over your head. I walked off 2 1/2 years intensive parole this last time. I just had to stay to myself, stay out of the line of fire. I've done about3+ years of probation before that. It sucked. You were always waiting for them to come get you. It works if you work it though.