Friday, May 25, 2007

Poppy Carnival

I'm going to host my first blog carnival--a festive one with a spring-theme: The Poppy Carnival! If you have a poppy, opium, heroin, oxycontin, or any story that features the poppy plant or any of its derivatives, please send me the link to your story. If we get some good stuff, then I'll probably start hosting it can become a real party!

The only rule is that your story feature some sort of opiate, and that you submit the link to me by July 16. I'd also appreciate it if you linked back here. You can submit either at or just send the permalink in a comment below.

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Bayer Pharmaceuticals began marketing, reluctantly, Acetylsalicylic Acid (aspirin) in 1899. It was marketed alongside another of Bayer's very successful products/inventions, an acetylated derivative of morphine called 'Heroin'. Heroin was invented two weeks after aspirin but put on the market years before. Heroin was the more successful of the two painkillers and it was common belief that it was healthier than aspirin. But, as heroin's shortcoming of addictiveness became more obvious, aspirin stepped to the forefront.

The Bayer Cross ain't gonna look the same any more. Innit?

Brain Dead Genius said...

Dear Junky's Wife - I love your Blogspot and I am adding a link on my page - you are awesome.