Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Meth And Pop Rocks

I was surfing BoingBoing today, and I noticed that there is a scandalously delicious new kind of causing yet another drug scare. By combining with meth, those wicked, mad scientists in their meth labs have been attemting to do a few things:

1. Apparently, meth tastes really bad. They're trying to make it more palatable.

2. Pink, candy-like crystally substance in a baggie is less suspicious and therefore easier to transport than a white, crystally substance in a baggie.

3. Some have suggested, especially as many of the users getting caught with this stuff have been younger, first-time users, that dealers are targeting children. To me, this assertion sounds like the product of those mass-media drug scares. I've never understood why drug dealers would want to hook children. It seems like kids would go get caught immediately, be very likely to snitch on whoever sold them the drugs, and would not have any money. Maybe I'm crazy...

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Gus Montana said...

Thanks for visiting my blog oxycontin.blogspot . I read some of your posts. I'm sure everyone offers advice, but I have to tell you, I also went through the stage where I wanted my wife to reward/thank/respect me for staying clean. Problem was though, I was only doing it for her. It wasn't until I just couldn't stand myself any longer that I did it for me. Now, I am grateful to her for staying with me, but I quit for me and I am the only one who can pat myself on the back. After all, I'm just another damn junkie and nobody is going to console me but the me that's way deep inside there somewhere.

That's my two cents. I hope everything works out for you.

Heather said...

Hi. That is a good point, but I think when they say "kids", they aren't talking about 6 year olds; they mean like 12, 13, maybe 11 year olds. They are slicker than you think these days, no more likely to snitch than anyone else, and as capable as any other addict of getting the money. Teenagers are into "baby-culture" now, they like to hang on to kiddie-stuff. So pop-rock meth fits right in. Meth is the devil. Horrible stuff. I nearly get an panic attack just thinking about it.