Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Today's Heroin News

There was a major heroin bust in Arizona yesterday. The smuggler was crossing the border at the Nogales port of entry, and suspicious cops had drug dogs sniff out 33 pounds of heroin hidden in a special compartment in his SUV. This bust comes along with several others in Arizona in recent days, including a big cocaine and marijuana hit. Yay Arizona cops!

Whoever thought I'd be cheering for the cops?

There's more tainted heroin, this time in the UK. 5 users in the Southwestern region of the country have died in the last two days from a batch that is either tainted or unusually strong. UK folks, warn your junkies!

A Grafton, WI man faces charges of reckless homicide for 3 overdose deaths caused by heroin he distributed.

A high school student was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia after injecting himself with heroin on the fucking school bus in North Huntington Township in Pennsylvania. That's a crazy, crazy motherfucker. I hope the proper authorities intervene. The kid was apparently released to his parents. What a mess!

I smoked pot on the school bus once with a friend. It felt very glamourous and rebellious. I was about 13. It was very stupid. But heroin! On the school bus!

There's yet another case of an opiate addict giving a baby methadone to make it stop crying. UK man Nathan Grain is in court for giving his crying baby methadone and diazepam, which would kill an adult, by the way. (In fact, isn't that part of the cocktail that took Anna Nicole down?) The lawyers in the case have said that Grain killed his son not out of malice, but out of "reckless stupidity."

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