Saturday, April 28, 2007

Good Stuff

This really is a great blog, and not just because she reads my blog. A Room Of Mama's Own is interesting, full of profundity, and damn well-written. It's almost more like reading a memoir or a little novella full of short stories and musings than a blog, but it doesn't go on and on (as I am wont to do). It's updated frequently enough to provide a good amount of stimulation for those of you looking to pass away the workday.

Many of the posts focus on her child's autism and her husband's sex addiction, but there's a lot more going on than just those two issues (although there's certainly enough fodder there for some good reads). It's the blog I got the "New Kind Of Trust" idea from a few weeks ago.

Anyway, check her out. It's good stuff.


David B. Weber said...

I'm so glad you read one of my sermons because it gave me a chnce to 'discover' your extraordinary site. I be back and talk more about it..thanks!

MPJ said...

Check you out! And I was wondering why my blog was experiencing a little bump in traffic tonight. I figured it was the weekend and a bunch of disappointed people were searching the term "interracial sex addiction." ;)

And you are again spot on with you characterization -- less of a blog, more of a memoir is exactly what I was going for. I totally want to have coffee with you too -- or milkshakes. You made me crave one and I went out last night and got one. Yum!