Thursday, March 29, 2007

Meth Addict Films His Own Death From Addiction

I saw this article on about Shawn Bridges, a meth addict who documented his death from the effects of his addiction, and I found it heart-wrenching. There are clips of him in the hospital attached to the artcile.

His death was chronicled with the assistance of a television videographer, and it was sold last year under the title "No More Sunsets." He died of heart failure in a bed in his father's home on Monday at the age of 35.

We are dealing with our own effects of the addiction on our bodies, and watching this man suffer makes me realize how lucky we really are. There is a couple I saw at one of my Nar-Anon meetings who are struggling to accept a son who has brain damage related to his drug use. The father had tears in his eyes while he explained to the group that the only time he felt like he saw his son anymore was when he played his guitar...I'm so glad that my husband is not gone from me, yet.

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Jonathan Bridges said...

thanks for putting my brother on your page. he also has a myspace page that i am keeping up.