Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I let my domain name expire, so that's why all my writing is attached to a porn-ish site. I wonder if there's something I can do to make whoever owns it now take it down? I don't own the URL anymore, but I definitely created that content. Created it over years...sweat, blood, tears went into that content. Literal sweat, blood, and tears.


But, the good news for me is that all my content is here. I can have it and edit it however I want.

And now that I'm resurrecting this identity, I'm remembering some of the tools I had during those hard years. So in my frustration, I'll express some gratitude. I'm grateful for the sleeping children, their warm, healthy bodies right beside me. I'm grateful for the husband, sleeping to get ready to care for them tomorrow. I'm grateful for the tiny kitten curled up beside the baby. I'm grateful for my fun, frustrating job. I'm grateful for my body, strong and healthy.

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