Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When We Sleep.


I can't stop being too attracted to my husband to be able to set boundaries right. He's been being very sorry for being a jerk, and I've been too smitten with him to be able to talk about what happened between us this past weekend.

I spoke with my Al-Anon sponsor about it and about boundaries in general. I told her that so far, we'd not had much of an opportunity to talk because I'd been avoiding him except for when we sleep. She said that I should try to continue to avoid him except for when we sleep until he's been clean for a year. When I burst out laughing, she said that she's serious.

It's still funny.

It's interesting to watch someone who has been consumed by darkness for so long battling with himself as he's becoming more and more filled with light. It's interesting, but it hurts when he lashes out at me.