Saturday, November 1, 2008


"Oh, you are a writer! That is very good! You are creative! You have something beautiful that I don't have," said my new Guru.

"You have something beautiful that I don't have," I responded. "Maybe we can work something out."

At one of the places where I work, I'd noticed that one of the clients was a company that had "Yoga" in the title, so I checked out the website to see what it was about. I was intrigued to find a real, live guru, teaching mediation, Ayurveda, and yoga therapy in the city where I live. I'd looked at some of his workshops, and thought I might check one out one day.

A few months later, the boss mentioned that he'd practiced meditation with this guru for a while, so I was able to ask a few questions about the process. And finally, recently, one of my favorite yoga teachers put up one of this guru's business cards on our bulletin board at the school, endorsing his services. Those were two pretty good testimonials for me, even if it did seem a little silly for a guru to have a website and a business card.

This past week, I've felt like I've lost track of my center. For a long time, also, I've been interested in pushing the spirituality I've discovered through my 12 step work a little further, and I guess now is as good a time as any. I wrote to the guru yesterday, and I met him today. I'm going to meet with him once a week for the next little while to see if I can slow my mind down a little and to explore this stuff a little further. It can't hurt, right? And surely, it will be something interesting to write about.