Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm Not Voting For McCain.

Google, I do my best not to talk about your ads. I like to think that we've been having a happy make money, I make a little here and there...your advertisers get my readers, and my readers find some services or products they might want or need.

I let it go when you started posting ads that clearly fed off of my readers' codependent tendencies...I figured if my readers need to investigate what's going on inside their home computers or pay someone to save their marriages before it's too late, they might have as much luck finding it in your ads as in therapy or in between the lines of my website.

But goddamn it Google, I will not stand by quietly and let you post McCain For President ads. I've added it to my competitive ad filter, and I hope I don't see another one.

The Junky's Wife is not going to vote for McCain. The Junky's Wife will definitely be voting for Barack Obama. The man shoots authentic hope beams from his eyes. His commercials make me teary. I believe that his presidency could help the great big karmic ass-whooping that's coming America's way.

I love you, Google. Don't be sucky.