Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Spider Dream.


We were having a picnic. It's beautiful weather, and the food is nice, and there's a blanket. He's lying down, and he's kind of withdrawn, but it's ok. I'm enjoying the sun, the food, being together. We're talking a little.

I notice a large, black spider walking across the blanket, and I point it out to him. I'm laughing, and he's not listening. I'm remembering our first apartment, the giant spiders that we had, how he'd catch them and take them outside. He's not really listening.

Soon I realize there are more spiders. There are lots and lots of them...endless spiders. They're all over the blanket, and then I see that they are all over me. Everywhere. I am afraid to move because they might bite me. I am kind of frozen, looking down at my foot. I can see a really big one with its fangs extended, preparing to bite me. I want him to help me. I'm afraid to ask. He's not paying attention. I whisper, "Please help me. I'm afraid. Please, please help me."

He just keeps lying there, dozing.