Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I think I've played this meme game before, but these things tend to go around and around the blogosphere. I got tagged this time by Recovery Reconnaissance, and it's the list five things about you game. I suppose folks want to know more than that I am married to a junky, so here are five random facts about me:

1. For lunch, I just ate a box of Pocky, given to me by my BFF. They were the chocolatey almondy kind. I enjoy Pocky.

2. I am reading American Psycho presently. It wasn't the best book for the Christmas spirit, but I like it so far. I just learned the word, "gorno," which I think describes it aptly.

3. I am trying to drink more water. It's kind of a New Year's goal. I have decided that more water will cure about 65% of my problems.

4. My other New Year's resolution is to do more yoga. Lots and lots of yoga. Yoga is going to cure the problems that water can't reach.

5. I don't want my house to be so dirty anymore. There's animal mess and people mess always everywhere, and I want it to be better. I think I wouldn't always feel so overwhelmed if the house weren't always so gross. I'm going to try really, really hard to keep it a little cleaner.

Now I'm supposed to tag folks, but the last time I tagged folks, they yelled at me. So I'm not tagging anyone..I'm tagging everyone. If you are reading this and feel inclined, then post your own 5 random facts.