Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Here's an article from the Onion that reminded me of all the "Why would anyone stay with an addict?" debate from a few weeks ago.


Wayward Son said...

My favorite Onion headline is "Alzheimer Patients Demand Cure For Pancakes". While this is insensitive to the people and their families who are afflicted with this condition, it certainly highlights the absurdity of life and in a comical way reminds me, who am I to judge?

The one crucial gift I have received form reading your blog almost since its inception is how to look at someone else's life without judgment or, at least, with less judgment than I did before. When I first started reading your musings on the tortuous life of loving, supporting and standing by an addict—an opiate addict at that—I was certain that you should leave him. And if you didn't you one day would even if you had to learn the hard way. But now I don't see it that way. Whether things work out in your relationship or not, I know they will work out for the both of you as individuals—something I've also learned about myself while on this path of spiritual discernment that I am on. I believe we all will learn what we are to here learn, experience what we are here to experience and that life will go on with or without our presence here AND we will all go on to whatever it is we go onto after we leave this Earth. That frees me up to at least try and be supportive not only of you but also of myself. And let me tell you that is way more fun than being judgmental about our choices.

So thank you for that. And when you have this need that says you must explain to the rest of the world why you choose to be with an addict, please remember that the only person you have to explain that to is yourself. I think you know this already but like all of us, it helps for me to understand what I believe by telling it to everyone else.

Happy Thanksgiving—no matter what we all have so much to be thankful for.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I loved that Onion piece -- yeah, that is what it's like sometimes, isn't it?

Mantramine said...

that was nice Wayward.