Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Rational. That's a funny word. Is it irrational that I think all heroin addicts should have to shit in public? That they shouldn't be allowed to wear clothes with pockets? Is it wrong that I'd prefer to dress my husband in a large, zipperless onesie?

I'm still struggling with this boundary business, but much of your feedback has been really helpful. And, finally, it's meeting night tonight, so I can go blah blah blah at all the folks at my meeting, and we can all bandy back and forth about just how hard it is to know what's yours, what's his or hers, what belongs to god or everyone or no one, and we can experience that glorious group miracle that occurs every time.


Recovery Discovery said...

I checked out another 12 out of my 36 steps tonite. Sorry I missed our meeting, especially if you guys did that what's mine, what's not mine progressive monologue thing.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

My ex-boyfriend used to call me irrational all the time -- to him that was synonymous with "crazy" and "female." I hate that word. Rational people suck!

Mantramine said...

totally not irrational. Perfectly sane. Such a fight to get them into that onsie though, isn't it?

little bastards