Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Cannot Say.

I cannot say
that I have gone to hell
for your love
but often
found myself there
in your pursuit.
-from "Asphodel," William Carlos Williams

A very dear friend reminded me of these lines. Aren't they perfect? It made me go reread the whole damn poem, and then, there's also this:

to which you too shall bow
along with me-
a flower
a weakest flower
shall be our trust
and not because
we are too feeble
to do otherwise
but because
at the height of my power
I risked what I had to do,
therefore to prove
that we love each other
while my very bones sweated
that I could not cry to you
in the act.


The Discovering Alcoholic said...

The post seemed to be a good place to drop an unrelated note. I come through the Charlotte airport once or twice a month, and I always make a mental hat taip as I come through.

Take care TJW.

singleMILF said...

Your blog brings up so many memories of my addicted relationships...I miss having that sort of love where you're willing to walk through the shit with someone...I'd walk away now. I mention you in blog...new to blogging I don't know how to do links yet but will figureit out soon...great blog.
take care.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

There you go with posting the beautiful poetry in the way that made me love you in the first place.

bella said...

This poem reminds me why I fell in love with poetry in the first place.
It just GETS it. No judgment, no sugar coating. Just truth, expressed in such a way that my body shivers and my eyes hurt.
Thank-you for passing it along.

longvowels said...