Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Raised By Wolves.

Occasionally, when my husband has done something that seems completely insane, and I start asking him where in the world he got the idea that his behavior is anything like acceptable for a grown man, he will talk and talk and talk in that addict-ass way he has:

Well, I mean, I just thought that, it's funny how, hold me, I just need some space, can you buy me things, I don't feel like, I just thought you could, and I was thinking that maybe I could just, I need, why do you always try to control me, can I borrow $300,


And then I remember that he really might not know better. He grew up with parents in active addiction for much of his childhood...shuffled back and forth from relative to relative during the worst of it and left home to take care of himself during the better times. He's living like he knows.

I love his parents, in spite of the heavy baggage he's carrying on their behalf. They have always welcomed me into their home and shown me love and support during these last few months when I've needed it badly. And, it's probably important not to excuse unacceptable behavior by blaming his present mess on his sociopath camp of a childhood.

But it happened, and it hurt him, and it helps to explain things...when I find him howling at the moon, I try to remember that he was raised by wolves.


Pussy Galore said...

don't I know it. Your post rings with me today, and yesterday, and tomorrow

Anonymous said...

My sisters call me a feral child or they are also fond of saying I was raised by wolves.
It's funny and it's not at the same time. I've had a much different life than they had -- a tougher road that really wasn't funny. But if you don't laugh what are you gonna do.
G and I would be great friends. I can feel it.
I love this post.
P.S. ever looked at Feralchildren.com?

sKILLz said...

You know I too had a very similar upbringing. I dont compare whos is worse because no one should have to be in any of the situations that us "wolves" have endured!
Does that give us a excuse to do what we do of course I use it as much as I can, but when does it get old?