Monday, September 24, 2007

The Pizza Of My Destiny.

This day is going by fast! I had no idea what time it is. That's a good thing, usually, yeah? Hopefully, the rest of the week will get over, and then it will be PAY DAY! I'm ordering a pizza.

Mr. Junky informed me this morning that there was pizza in our destiny. He is completely oblivious to our finances, but he knows that pay day is Friday, and he knows that there will be pizza.

Jackass. Lovely, sweet jackass.

But he's right. There will be pizza. It will be cheesy and delicious. And then I'll pay the bills, and I'll go to the grocery store, and then we'll be broke again.

I love our mornings when they're good. When we're both in the right mood, sweet and playful and silly, I make myself late for work to have more time to play. Today was one of those days, and it's one of those days when I'll speed home to get to him sooner.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Yay for pizza! I hope it was good! (I'm so freaking far behind on my blog reading again!)

Anonymous said...