Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Everybody's Doing It.

I'm a blog pusher-man...But this one is good, and I think many of you reading my site might really enjoy it, and many of you (Chloe, I'm looking at you HARD), might even like writing there. It's a group blog started by EJ of Behind Pinned Eyes, and a bunch of us blog rockstars who like to sit around and talk to each other all day through our blogs are now going to do it in an even more publicly onanistic kind of way! I love these guys. Scout's there, and Wayward Son, and all kinds of folks. So come on over!

You can read at The Write Thought, and to sign up to become and author, email ejsblog@gmail.com.


Chloe said...

I BETTER see your bum at the meeting tonight. I'll be there early to make my favorite beverage.
If you ever need a safe place to go, you got my #. Chances are, we don't live too far apart.
I just wanna give ya a hug!!

Anonymous said...

oh no, it's going straight to my head. where will my ego sit on the ride home. :P