Monday, July 9, 2007

A Dream.

Last night I dreamed that my pit bull had been skinned like one of the people at BodyWorlds, but she was still alive. Her tail was wagging and her eyes were kind of popping out of her head like the corpses we saw when we went, and her tongue was hanging out of her macabre little mouth. She wanted to be petted just like in real life, but she was all wet and unpleasant to touch.

I asked him, "Where is the dog's skin?" but I knew he'd skinned her and was selling her fur on the internet. He got all crazy and addicty-worked-up, and replied, "WHERE DO YOU THINK!?"

Oh man, I can't wait until I get that unconscious mental real estate back. My mind is on fire!


sKILLz said...

Well thats just a crazy ass dream if I do say so myself. I have always had pitbulls my whole life. I just love the breed! Right now I only have one and I love him so much!
What were you thinking about right before you went to bed? Maybe that had an impact on your dreams?

Anonymous said...

Most shrinks would say that dream has something to do with you feeling exposed somehow.....
But then, it's only a dream--thank G-d.