Monday, July 16, 2007

Double Shot Of Courage

Break out the champagne (or the sparkling grape juice for my alcoholic friends in recovery), the hankies, and the "world peace" speeches!

I've been doubly gifted with a Courageous Blogger Award, and I'm honored. I also like the versatility of this award, so I am going to branch out from my incestuous awarding of prizes to the same MPJ and Long Vowels to include some other folks.

Well, maybe it'll still be incestuous, but that's ok.

I received my two Courageous Blogger Awards from the incomparable Ev Nucci at My Life Is Murphy's Law and my new friend Honeybell from The Bell Pages. I'm passing my awards along (drumroll) to:

I will be giving out 2 Thoughtful Blogger Awards.

My dear friend Question Air will receive the Thoughtful Blogger Award for her brand new blog. It's a thoughtful blog, I think, for various reasons:

1. She has a political conscience (stupid hippy!).
2. She is asking questions and interacting with her audience and respecting her audience's opinions.
3. She started the blog because I was bothering her because I think everyone of my writer friends should have a blog now that I do. That's a thoughtful thing to do, obeying my mandates.

Another newer and yet equally dear friend E. of Behind Pinned Eyes has been amazingly thoughtful. From loaning me a laptop after mine was stolen to keeping in touch and checking in with me when I take a rare break from blogging, he's become a real friend. Also, his blog is pretty interesting for those of us in the recovery world, and also for those of us outside of it. Go check him out!

I'm going to give the Courageous Blogger Award to three folks, who I have come to think of as my blog sisters.

Mantramine, Married To My Ex, and Married To An Addict are all struggling through the same experiences that I'm struggling through, and it's amazing to share with them, read their experiences, and grow from one another's day to day accounts of what it's like living with an addict. It takes guts to stick around, and it takes guts to write about what it's like sticking around. I'm proud of us for being strong, interesting, creative women, and I hope you guys wear your badges with pride!

And I'm going to cheat a little to give out two more awards, the Inspirational Blogger Award. Since I got tagged twice with the courageous one, I figure I can give out a couple extra...fuck the system!

So the first goes to Scout, and see, you didn't even have to whine to get this one! You can always count on Scout to give you a loving comment, and if you visit her blog, she is endlessly thoughtful, strong, and generally wonderful. She also inspires the most interesting ire in people who become jealous of her incursions on our blog romances, from my blog BFF Long Vowels' rage against her warm comments to my own outrage at her advances towards my darling MPJ. Scout is everyone's favorite inspirational blog-ho! Hah!

And finally, I'm giving an inspirational prize to Stay At Home Motherdom. Like Scout's blog, you can count on this one to be full of hope and inspiration, and it's a great place to visit for that good old ESH.

You can find the rules for how to pass it on here.


One Wacky Mom said...

I love the stupid hippy are too freaking funny. and I just love what you did with the inspirational and how you work the system..notice I don't follow the rules either.......I makes up my own darlin!!!

Anonymous said...

I am humbled and I love you ;-)

Mantramine said...

Wow. I am honored (honoured for you Americans ;). When I first saw those I wondered how people got them and hoped, one day, I would have one. Thank you. You made my day!

Married to an Addict said...

Thank you! I am so excited (again!) to receive an award! If I knew where and how to get them, I would surely give one to you.

Question said...

me too! thank you! i've always considered you calling me a stupid hippy your greatest compliment.

Anonymous said...

I saw this, and it's taken me a week to respond, and in the end I have to decline. It was so thoughtful, and kind of you to consider me, but, I don't deserve it. You won't talk me out of it. Even giving you the laptop was a selfish act, I did it so I would have a way to stay connected to you, to read your thoughts, to share mine. I am not thoughtful, not yet, maybe someday and maybe someday I will feel deserving of some award, but again, not yet.

Thanks for the kind thought.