Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wow, Nice Picture Of Your Mom.

Hey, your mom is pretty hot. Where does she get her nails done?


Let's play a game! What would be the most difficult thing to do with those nails?

I'll start us off:

  1. Masturbate
  2. Wipe your ass
  3. Pick your nose


Anonymous said...

Is she odd or what? I saw this pic just the other day --uh, somewhere???
She lives in Georgia somewhere, I think. Nothing like handicapping yourself with your frickin' fingernails! Whatever blows yer dress up, girl.
To me --ick!!!
Peace and short nails,

Urban Though said...

That it too much. I can only imagine what he occupation is, if she even has one.

But how do you even scratch your ass?

Anonymous said...

Shes got man hands

jollyrolly said...

god, i hope she doesn't have to put contacts on....... you'll poke your eye out!

longvowels said...

can't type
eat hor d'oeuvrs at my wedding
pop her zits.

M says
have a threesome
use her cell phone.

Anonymous said...

Breast self exam

thejunkyswife said...


She probably can't have pets. I'm also not sure how she can style her hair, but looking at that head of hers, it doesn't seem that she's sure, either.

amanda said...

4.) insert a tampon
5.)open a door
6.)drive a car
7.)not puke on yourself when you saw how skank-nasty your nails were.

elf_fu said...

Tie her shoes
Cup a face adoringly (OW GRANDMA. MY RETINA)

April said...

Walking down the street would be painful enough. What if her sandal comes off? What if her upper thigh itches? What if she gets hit by a car? She won't be able to pick herself up! Or dial on her cell phone!!

One Wacky Mom said...