Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Why I Blog.

I got tagged by Miriguy to list the 5 reasons why I blog, and then I've got to tag 5 of you guys. At least I think that's how it works...

So here's my reasons:

1. After the Needle-Finding incident, I felt like I was just about to burst with words. I've always been a poet, so I tried writing poems. I wrote one or two, but it didn't really let the floodgates open the way I needed them to. I felt like I needed to be telling a story, and I have no experience with memoir/essay/fiction, except academic essays. I thought, one day, that I should start a blog, and then I did. The floodgates opened.

2. At first, I was just saying a bunch of crap about my life. I started figuring out ways to mess around with the formatting, and I added widgets and took them away, added and rearranged links. Then I discovered Technorati and started reading about ways to market your blog, and I discovered Google ads (I've made a big $12 so far! Keep clicking, my friends!), and just updating, growing, and re-arranging the site itself has become something of a hobby. It kind of feels like gardening...I like to experiment with different ways to make my stats jump, like by using Stumble Upon. Strangely, I get the most big jumps on posts that have nothing to do with addiction (such as the underwater tigers pictures from a few weeks back), but I get the most comments on the personal posts. It's cool, though, because I like mixing it up, sticking in things about my life and me with stuff that is news-worthy or that I think is interesting.

3. After the blog started to grow, I started making some new friends through the site, many of whom became regular readers/ commenters. I like to interact with them, and this is the forum where we chat. It keeps me coming back!

4. I'm in front of a computer all day at work. I'd kind of run out of fun internet things to do to fill the time when I'm not writing or researching for an article. I'd stalked all my ex-lovers and my lover's exes through Myspace and Friendster and Facebook and all the rest, I'd read blogs, I'd played online games...I'd done it all. Blogging has become my new internet-passtime, and it's actually made me feel a lot healthier about my relationship with my computer.

5. I want to be a rockstar, of course. I want the paparazi to follow me and take pictures and point and say, "LOOK! It's the Junky's Wife! She's passed out in her Porsche! She's going to rehab! Oooh look! Is she pregnant?" I want to be on the cover of Us magazine.


So, now it's time to tag 5 of you. This is the easy part:

MPJ: You're it!
Scout: Stop messing with my woman!
Vowels: Don't be lame! Play geek games with me!
Married To My Ex: Your turn!
Wayward Son: Carry on!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Geez, a tag. ok. far be it from me not to join in the reindeer games. I shall play.

Chee Kui said...

Thanks for the revelation :)

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

OMG, I've been tagged! I feel like I've won an Academy Award. It takes so little to make a codie feel happy and loved! I haven't posted today, but I've already got my post du jour half written, so I will take your tag tomorrow.