Monday, June 25, 2007

Updated Google Search Terms

There is another fabulous one:

"natural pet shit eliminator"

I suppose I should start adding the links to my pet shit affiliate website to every post!
The following should be read in the voice of the guy who does that "The following is a paid political advertisement" disclaimer:
Got a whole lot of shit in your life? Want to be shit free? The Junky's Wife sure does! Let the Junky's Wife help you de-shit your world! Click here to purchase all natural shit-eliminator to spruce up your life on contact!


Gledwood said...

... after telling us all to scoop after they poop they've now gone and removed all the bins... which means ppl are still scooping but the crap's all bagged up in old sainsbury's bags on the street looking horrible and brown and sticky thru the plastic


Married to my Ex said...

Ha ha ha!! I so enjoy your humor. lol isn't enough for you.