Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Perfect World

One more meme...I can't stop. I found this one at Moondanzer Delivers, and it was originally started at Goodness Graciousness. It's kind of hippy-dippy, but it seems like a nice post for going to bed.

Here's the prompt:

I invite you to blog about your vision of what is possible. If it feels
comfortable for you, create a post describing how you would envision the world
if it could be healed in its most perfect state. Take a minute to create an
imagine in your mind, and share with your readers, what a healthy world would
look like. And then tag all your readers with a similar tag!

I've already imagined my perfect world, and I promote it every chance I get. Or perhaps it's not a perfect world; it's a perfect society for me, a comfortable way to live and be happy and interact in healthy ways with everyone I love.

I'd like to live in a world that has been restructured so that we live our lives with our dearest friends instead of with our lovers. All of my best girlfriends live states or towns away. I will move across the country to live near the crazy-ass men I want to sleep with, but I live a zillion miles away from the women I love.

How great would it be if we were brought up to expect that we would live our lives with our best friends? If me, Meagan, Vowels, Question, Jeni, MPJ, and all you other codependent hos who I love could live in a house together, share our bills and our grocery shopping and our house chores and our in a beautiful house painted all crazy and red and blue and ferny, mossy green...if we could live together, plan our lives, write and enjoy things, raise our children to be honest, strong, creative, intelligent little hippy children with a whole commune of hippy-dippy recycling-obsessed mommies...that would be nice.

And the best part would be, we'd still get to go sleep with the crazy-ass men who we love and won't leave alone, but they'd be able to do all the ridiculous things that they want to do and that we make them stop doing so that we can live with them. They can drink and fuck and shoot their veins full of heroin and have exotic poisonous animals for pets and all that dumb shit. They can play xBox and basketball and fart and scratch. We will meet with them occasionally, spend the night, have glorious, intense sex, touch and kiss and go out to dinner, and then leave them! Go home to our house of happy sapphic bliss!

Ahhh, non-sexual life partners! Join me! We'll blog and raise llamas!

And yes, there would be beauty and truth and poetry and peace and a clean environment and all that. And I'd have health insurance.

And there'd be no more heroin. I hate that shit.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Llamas are so cool. Less soft than I thought they would be, but very tickley tongues when they eat from your hand.

But isn't our hippie chick commune going to be a bit of a problem if neither you nor I can actually get to sleep without Mr. Junky and Mr. Pervert (respectively) by our sides?

thejunkyswife said...

I'm thinking a real smelly shirt. Sometimes that works. I have one with me now, at the beach.