Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Mom Stabbed Me.

My husband is tattooing, so I'm going to tell the story of the maternal about a late-term abortion. This guy is freakin' 30.


"Hey hun. I know he's out of town, but I'm at the emergency room. Can you come get me? My fucking mom just stabbed me twice. I'm about to go get x-rays."

"OK...I'll call you when I get there?"

"My phone is going to die. Just come here."

It was the Stray. His fucking mom had stabbed him. Apparently I'm no longer only my husband's codependent...I'm a communal codependent. I'm the town wife.

The Stray had a cat that was feline leukemia positive, and he'd been nursing it for several years. He'd gone to stay with some of his dude friends to do dude things, and his cat died while he was away. When he got back home, his mother was passed out on the floor, naked and drunk.

The Stray said something slick about how it was fucked up for his parents to be shit-canned when his kitty had died and they knew he'd be sad, which upset his mom. He went up to his room, picked up the dead cat, and cuddled it and cried over its already-stiffening corpse. His dad came up to the room, and he sent him away. Later, his mom came up, "smelling of cheap vodka" and dressed in a robe to snivel over the cat, and the Stray said, "Fuck off, Mom. You didn't love my cat."

Drunken mother, enraged, went downstairs, grabbed a butcher knife, and came back to his room, slurring, "I'm going to kill you!" And then proceeds to stab her son, twice, in the gut.

The Stray calls the police. They insist on his going to the hospital. He goes, gets stitched up and x-rayed, and that's when he called me.

Now he's on our couch. I guess he'll be there for a while.

He talked with his parents today. His mom, apparently, said that she's sorry, but in that way that you say you're sorry when you don't know what else to day. His father told him he had it coming.

It's really, really sad, and sort of funny, and sort of scary. I told my mom about it, and she told me I need to go back to law school. (Hah)

The Stray is a genuinely kind, intelligent guy, whose kind of lonely and sad, and who has a pretty gnarly drinking problem. I can't imagine what his mother must have thought was stab-worthy about his behavior.

He keeps saying, "Who stabs their kid?!"

I keep replying, "Who stabs people?!"

In other Junky's Wife news, I had a lovely day with the husband once he got home. We hung out, and I made dinner. We ate with the Stray and napped in the bedroom together. His dad is going to pay for his license, so that's all taken care of. I hung out with his mom a bit. She took me shopping and got me a new pair of jeans.

She told me she'd had a little relapse a few weeks ago, took a pain pill and drank some. When I talk to her, it's funny how "relapse" doesn't sound like the end of the world. It sounds like a small mistake from someone who is trying really hard to get her life together. Even though she's fucked up a couple of times since she's been going to AA, I see such a change in her and see that she's really getting better and taking care of herself in new ways. I don' t know why it's so hard to see this stuff in my own husband...I mean, partly, it's because he doesn't go to meetings, but in other ways, it's the same process.

She has been such a gift in my life over these last few months. It's good having someone who loves my husband but who is also sympathetic to what a pain in the ass he can be.


Wayward Son said...

The stray should call Nancy Grace. That will teach his mom to stab her kid. Did the police insist his mother go to jail when they insisted he go to the hospital?

That's a sad story and I hope things get better for your friend. And your not the communal codependent because you helped someone in a dire situation. Your just a good person. Don't give compassion a bad rap.


Anonymous said...

People in active addiction stab people -- their kids or anyone else who happens to enrage them for no reason other than the one that exists in our minds at the time. Sad, but true.

As for you M-I-L's RELAPSES? Could it because you see alcohol as different from heroin?

Just a thought....

P.S. stay away from my tires, girl!! ;-)

mahog said...

It's nice to have a mother in law you can talk to and that doesn't think their son is a saint. I go back and forth with M's mom. She realizes he's a dope sometimes and that it's her fault but she also defends it with "free spiritedness". fool.

stabbin people...

thejunkyswife said...

He should call Nancy Grace. Hah.

I think it's partly because alcohol and heroin are on different levels of self-destruction, and also partly because his mother in law isn't supposed to be helping to pay my bills. I find that I'm actually reallly sympathetic to addicts...just less sympathetic to my husband.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand that, J-Wife. I really do.