Sunday, June 17, 2007


He'll be home in about two hours! I'm going to get dressed like I would for a date! I'm so excited I could just die!

I'm planning to ignore the blog for the rest of the day, if I can manage it, as I'm a blogaholic, so I might need a fix. And if I do, you can look forward to a story entitled, "My Mom Stabbed Me," based on what I did last night.

That's right. "My Mom Stabbed Me." That's what the post will be called.

Just another day in the life of a junky's wife...


Recovering Wino said...

You are addicted to write so many posts it's hard to keep up! Hope you have a good's nice to see someone so excited to see her husband.

Maui said...

I'm back. Thank you for your post. Come and join my journey! I'll link to you also.