Sunday, June 24, 2007

I Love My Pit Bull.

My god, what a beautiful big bad dog I have! Each morning, I get up to let her and her brother the German Shepherd out to pee, and after they come back, she races to the bed to steal the pillow from me. All night long, we battle for my husband's armpit and the pillow. Most mornings, I wake up with all 60 pounds of her wrapped around my head, her front paws curled coyly, with my face smooshed all the way off the pillow.

She's the best thing I've ever seen. She's black with a white stripe on her face, which makes her look like a Boston Cream donut, and her belly is white, and her feet like little socks. Also she smells the very best way, like wheat or Fritos or green, green grass. She sighs when she's bored, like when she wants to eat my panties and I stop her. Sigh. Mama's lame. It's a big, deep, almost human sigh, and she gets this exasperated look on her face.

Like all pit bulls, she understands the word "No!" but thinks it only applies for the 30 seconds after it has been screamed at her. She's eating donuts out of the dumpster bag on the table, and I yell, "NO!" She stops, but just for a second, and looks at me, sighs, as if to say, "Well why didn't you say that I can't eat donuts from the table at 10:59 a.m. EST?" And at 11:00 a.m. EST, she's back, eating donuts from the table.

If she hears the word "pretty," her tail wags and wags. If she hears the word "good," it doesn't wag so much. In her life, she's been told that she's "pretty" much more than "good." She's like her daddy that way.

I love her mightily. I love her little white feet with all white claws except one,black as if she's a goth doggy. And I love the spots on her nose, and the loving look in her eyes, and the way she is psychotically jealous of her brother the German Shepherd, and the way she looks when she's being bad, and her silly floppy ears. I love her stubbornness and her big clean teeth and her tongue in the morning and her soft, soft belly and her profound contentment with having it rubbed. I love how when I come home from work, she bites me to teach me that it's bad to go to work and leave her and also to demonstrate that she loves me so much she might eat me.

Nice doggy!


Just your average girl said...

I thought it was just my dog who eats panties. I have lost many a pair this way.

Wayward Son said...

I loved the way Gypsy would sigh. It was a great big "OK, I am ready to rest, sleep, nap, hibernate ... Sometimes she would give in and sigh after I did., knowing I was ready to rest, sleep, nap, hibernate ...

In case you've missed the gazillion pictures I have posted of her—

Anonymous said...

Scout would sigh when she wanted me to do something I wasn't doing for her. Ya, "Mama's lame" kind of sigh. Scout was a magical dog and I still miss her daily.
Sounds like you have some awesome magic of your own.
Aren't dogs wonderful?
Peace and dog love,

vicariousrising said...

I love this post. It reminds me of one of the writing assignments I had to do for the Creativity and Expression class I just took.

It is a great testament of how much you love your doggie.