Friday, June 29, 2007

Hooray For Boobies!

My new friend elf-fu and I discuss her tatas, her husband, her life as a post-Canadian Floridian postmodern housewife in this latest Peopleized interview. You can see more at her blog Hooray For Boobies.

thejunkyswife: So why boobies?

elf_fu: It's an eye catching word. Whether someone is searching for free porn or just a sneak peek at some nipples, good for the search engines. Also, I happen to have two, and the other gender half of the planet either has two, hopes to have two, or wants to have two. It's a common theme. It also helps that I have two huge ones, which my husband enjoys poking, prodding, bouncing, touching, jiggling and finding new ways to remind me that I have magnificently large tits. One evening while amusing himself with a particularly long jiggle he exclaimed, "Hooray for Boobies!" And I thought, indeed my good man, indeed. What a smashing name for a blog.

thejunkyswife: Is it weird being in Florida after growing up in Canada?

elf_fu: It is, and it isn't. Life here is pretty much exactly the same as it was in Canada, people think that just because Canada and the U.S are two different countries, life within it MUST be oh-so-different!Save for taxes and health care, it really isn't that much of a change. What ISN'T weird is that I don't have to God damn well swim to the end of my drive way for six months out of the year, dig my car out, or wait a week for the fucking snow to melt just to go out. Thank you Florida, thank you.

thejunkyswife: Do you use LiveJournal strictly for blogging or also for social networking? This is less about you and more about my confusion over Livejournal...

elf_fu: Yes and yes. All of my journals have always been hosted on LiveJournal. The first few attempts were unsuccessful because I updated maybe once a month, maybe twice, had no idea how to customize my journal, wrote cliche emo poetry, used song lyrics, filled it with meme's and pretty much let it rot. After several years using Livejournal, and two+ years with Hooray for Boobies! I've got a good circle of decent people to watch, comment as well as read. And...I only write the emo poetry every six months or so. Also, I'm too fucking lazy to figure out how to transfer two years worth of posts to a personally hosted site right at the moment.

thejunkyswife: Is it fun being a housewife? It seems very glamorous to me...

elf_fu: I don't know what could be glamorous about digging through the cat shit to scoop it into the garbage so the bathroom doesn't stink, scrubbing the toilet seat, washing dishes, picking up socks, burning myself with hot oil when I cook, hauling thousands of pounds of dirt for gardening--on my off days, I pose for playboy. They were looking for a plus sized model and saw me digging dandelions up from the back ya...Where was I? Oh, right! No, it's not glamorous. Then again, it's not as bad as my sarcasm makes it out to be.

thejunkyswife: From your blog, it seems like you have a really nice husband. This is an observation. This is not a question. I am a bad journalist.

elf_fu: He is a nice husband. I would like to thank all of his ex-girlfriends for training him for me. I appreciate you ladies getting him ready ahead of time. And in all seriousness, he is a wonderful man. I'm a flippant, bitchy, over the top, over emotional odd ball and he is able to continue living with me without burying me in the back yard. He's also has a giant, huge, massive--Computer. It's hot. This counts as a question!

thejunkyswife: If you were forced to say what your blog is about, what would you say? I'm forcing you!

elf_fu: Help, help, I'm being repressed!My blog is about my mundane life as an every day woman who has decided house wifery, geekery, and observing life with humor. It's about me, as selfish as it sounds, it's aboot (Hosers!) my life, my thoughts, my husband, my dreams, my broken dreams, my poetry and my journey in living life. It's also about cat poop, socks, my husband spraying the ceiling with pancake goop and why I hate people who use chat speak.


The Discovering Alcoholic said...

wot iz DIS laD talkin bout! I luv cht spk, it iz so kewl. Y doesnt she pik on somTIN Ls, lIk mean ppl.

Just in case your wondering, I have an English to text translator.

elf_fu said...

lolz lrn 2 speel omfgz.

Typing that made me twitch, I hope you're happy!

And: Haha, you posted my ramblings! Woot!