Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hey Crackhead.

OK, so this post from the Best Of Craigslist is really fucking funny. My stumble buddy UncleSud sent it to me. Craigslist has apparently deleted the contact information for this guy, but I wish I could write to him and let him know that there is no reason to negotiate with crackheads. Crackhead antics are non-negotiable.

It also made me think of something my husband does that I've forgotten to bitch about here. And it's rare that he does something that I forget to bitch about here, for your reading pleasure. But here's this thing:

He has all this elitist snobbery about crackheads. Even when we were hanging out with his using buddy, they engaged in some kind of shit-talking about how stupid crackheads are and how crackheads will steal your stuff and how crackheads don't care about anything except crack. And while these things are true of crackheads, they are ALSO TRUE OF FUCKING JUNKIES. It makes me SO MAD. There is nothing elegant about a heroin addict, nothing separating him or her from a crackhead. My husband happens to be handsome and intelligent enough to have procured a highly functional codependent for himself prior to his latest addict binge; however, had he not, he would be living under the bridge by the gas station with the crackheads that emerge from the earth under that bridge every morning to ask me for my quarters when I stop to get coffee.

The swarm like zombies. I won't give them quarters because I am The Junky's Wife and I don't want them to be addicts. They probably have mothers or wives or sisters or daughters somewhere who love them and want them to go home. I am no longer funding crackheads. I've paid my crackheadly dues.

And, if it were absolutely necessary for my husband to engage in crackhead-behavior, I would really have preferred crack to heroin. Crack doesn't usually come with needles and all the attendant garbage of IV drug use.

Not too long ago, I was filling out a questionaire about my sex partners that asked all the questions you get asked to determine if you are a likely candidate for HIV. I used to snicker at these questions, but now, I just check the "yes" box: Have you had sex with someone who has been incarcerated? Have you had sex with an IV drug user? etc.

But really, husband of mine, what makes you so much better than the crackheads at the gas station other than that I let you live in my house? While using, he was a liar, unemployed, a thief, and cared about nothing, NOTHING, except heroin. I don't like the classism and racism implicit in the "crackheads are worse" argument.

Blah blah blah. Blather blather.

That's all!


Actually, that's not all. Apparently, in the recovery world, this finger-pointing between addicts is actually rather common. Our friend The Discovering Addict has observed the tendency as well.


April said...

Funny, isn't it. Living with a crackhead, I am sure he thinks that heroin is worse as well. Actually, I know he does. Apparently our druggies are now classifying themselves into who is "the worse druggie." Please.

Gledwood said...

O I've heard that stupid argument conducted out on our local tube station steps some years ago between two ticket touts - how ridiculous can you get

The Discovering Alcoholic said...

I think this trait is just a symptom of the disease. I linked to ya in a blog response to another blogger hitting a similar topic.

Take care TJW

Bill said...

yeah even basers think they are better than crack heads. i used to sit in meetings in the back with my group of junkies,taking inventory on those who didn't slam dope, thinking of them as lames. looking back i now realize it was us who were the Lames.

kristi said...

This is just crazy to me. I have commented on your blog before, but I am not sure I mentioned my stepdad . He was a heroin addict. He even threatened to burn down the house with my little brother in it (his child) if my Mom didn't give him $50. So she gave him the $50. He went to rehab but as soon as he was out he was back using. He was my DAD for 10 years and the loss almost killed me.

Wayward Son said...

Crack heads are easy prey. Why that is I do not know. Addiction is more of an equalizer than aging.


Hip E. said...

Hi, I wrote that craigslist rant back in 2003. I googled it again today because when I left my house to go take a look at a bike I'm thinking about buying, my current bike was not wanting to start up at all. I looked down and sure enough - stolen/broken sparkplug. This is probably the tenth time this has happened since the events of the post. Oh well.