Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Great Donut Caper: Part 2


For those of you eagerly awaiting the resolution to The Great Donut Caper: Part 1, it totally worked out. Here is a crappy cell phone image of our booty. It's a giant bag of frickin' donuts!

We got lots of donut holes, several jelly-filled, several plain, a few apple-filled, and chocolate cake. It's enough donuts for forever. For lunch tomorrow, I'm taking 5 chocolate cake donuts plus an assortment of donut holes.

He had the biggest smile when he got them. We giggled like little girls.

I wish there had been bagels, though. But now we have something to give when he invites a million people over. We can set out a plate of donuts. Donuts and water. MMMMMMMM.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Mark has been bugging me all day to tell him the resolution of the Donut Caper, and now that I know it, he's asleep. I'm tempted to wake him and say, "They did it! Junky and Junky's Wife scored on the donuts!!"

jollyrolly said...

i worked with a woman whose son worked for Dunkin Donuts. She would bring in the donuts that was left over at the end of the night and it would last us days. The one thing we had to worry about was the rats and mice in the building eating the donuts. It was fun having free donuts, but the health factor was really low...... but tasty.

Anonymous said...

Now that gives new meaning to SCORE!
Peace and Doughnuts,