Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fuck It.

I'm breaking the rules. I didn't give Scout a Rockin' Girl Blogger award because I though MPJ would want to give it to her, as they were having some kind of electronic affair. However, Scout wants an award, and MPJ has been neglectful.

So that's right, Scout, I'm stealing you from MPJ. Muahahahahaha! Here is your prize! I'm emailing you right now!


One Wacky Mom said...

YOu know my philosophy don't you? know which rules to break............pff

One Wacky Mom said...


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I was going to post about the prestigious Rockin' Girl Blogger award tonight. But fine. Steal Scout. I'm still going to post, but now I'm going to keep mine all to myself, making me ultra-special.

Anonymous said...

Women, women, pull-lleeeaaase.
There is enough of me to go around. I am truly humbled to be wanted by both of you at once. It's been a while since two women have fought over me. Alas, I am old! ;-)
O.k., so now that you gave it to me, I feel guilt because this whole program thing is like an honesty dealie and I whined for mine.....
Geez, these 12 Steps really know how to wreck a good time, don't they????? ;-)
Is it real even though I whined?