Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fatso The Wonder Kitty.

Tonight, my kitty is being amazing. I have two kitties, and just as how I am extremely partial to one of the dogs, I am extremely partial to one of the kitties. He is the kitty who is broken. He has a problem with his spine. Yes, I have a handicapped kitty.

He has always been the best kitty, ever. His face is squished like he had fetal alcohol syndrome. I swear I didn't drink when I was pregnant with him, though. His eyes are beautiful and he has white everywhere and all these stripes, and he's always been quite fat. He gets ignored too much now because of the puppies. He lives upstairs, and he is afraid to come downstairs to get lovin' because the dogs might clobber him, and he's got back problems. Poor fellow.

So tonight, I came upstairs to write, and he is being so happy. He's sitting on my butt and purring, and then he'll get down and come stand next to me and stare at me meaningfully. His nose is so puffy and it has this wonderful spot. He's so squatty and silly.

I keep wanting a new cat. I want a cat that lives outside and kills things, but I feel guilty when I think of a new cat. I just need to hang out more with my own cats to fill my cat urges. If it weren't for the men in my life, I'd have so many cats, and only cats. I've fallen in love with dogs because boys always want to have them, and I've become especially fond of the knuckle-headed pit bull breed. But I'm a crazy cat lady at heart.

I don't think the prospect of lonely widowhood in old age should be quite so appealing...


longvowels said...

I love fat head kitty! and yes I read that book. I'm afraid for my future and I'm a planner.
fat head kitty!

longvowels said...

i love fathead kitty!
He's so sweet and has stubby legs and a big wide mouth and he likes to gobble!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Hm, my favorite cat ever was also broken. He used to fight dogs and raccoons and was all ripped up and ugly and hated everyone in the world but me. What does that say about us?

jungle jane said...

you can have as many cats as you want. you are married.

its us single chicks that are limited in cattage. we cannot have more than 2 cats otherwise we are labelled as mad-cat-ladies. it makes men uncomfortable.

don't get a cat that kills things though. they bring them in as love offerings to you long before they are dead. which means you either have to kill them yourself or lock yourself in a cupboard until its all over.

Married to My EX said...

As much as I love dogs there is something feminine about a cat. Perhaps it is the slinky way they walk or how neurotic they are about their bathroom habits. A dog doesn't care where there piss lands (except an intact male that only pees where another male has, ha). I love my cats. The are my boyfriends and love me back just the same!