Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sex, Sex, Sex.

It has been so good lately, so intimate and warm and real again. For the last few days, everything has been good. We've both seem to have come to some place of peace. We are able to talk about things without getting enraged. He's helping around the house, concerned about money, scrounging around to contribute to our finances as much as he can without a job, and trying to get a job in the mean time. He's learned to back down when I do things that might provoke him (I've been instructing on the skill of detachment and all it's magic and wonder).

This has resulted in me being more content...which has resulted in all this wonderful sex. And lots of wonderful sex is important, as semen has been found to contain powerful anti-depressants.

I love the golden glow of intimacy that can exist in marriage, the comfort and ease of communication, and the warmth. We have a home, and it's really beautiful, and we have a rich history of intense feelings between the two of us. I want it to work, so very badly. I don't want to lose the good parts that are so good in getting rid of the bad. I want us to make it.

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DirtyBitchSociety said...

semen has been found to contain powerful anti-depressants.

Well, this is good news. Now, you've just given me a reason to get happy, lol!