Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mom arrested for snorting heroin.

Stacy Rowe, 35, was arrested for snorting heroin in a Wal-Mart while pushing her child in a shopping cart in Centereach, NY. Security gaurds notified the police after observing her snorting something through a straw.

I wish I had more details, folks. I wish we had video! Wouldn't that be awesome!?
She's kind of beautiful in her mug shot, if a little bedraggled. My friend Jeni told me this morning about a countrified Southern saying her grandmother uses whenever she looks bedraggled that I think suits Ms. Stacy Rowe, Wal-Mart heroin snorter. She says, "You look like who shot John."
It's an interesting saying because it might mean that you look like the perpetrator of the crime of shooting John, or you might look like John's significant other, whose hair is all over the place and who looks crazy because she is asking, "Who shot John?"
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Anonymous said...

It's really quite sad isn't it!