Sunday, May 20, 2007

I found a new blog to love.

At the blog Everyone Needs Therapy, I found this brilliant post on relationships in recovery. I'm trying to find a very subtle way to get my husband to read it. I was thinking of using it to wallpaper the bathroom...maybe if I cut excerpts from it, interspersed them with images of naked girls and heroin needles, he'd read it and pay attention.

I'm sometimes amazed at myself that still, this joker that I've married can convince me that I'm being unreasonable. This blog post gave me permission, which for some reason I still needed, to be angry, to be upset, and to stop being his fucking cheerleader all the goddamned time.

Yay! Everyone need's therapy!


Fiona said...

I am new to this journey of being married to a druggie. Freshly into it, months only. But I found that blog beautiful as well. I cried as I read it. I would love for my husband to read it as well.

Being a cheerleader is very difficult. Thank you for posting. I have spent hours at work today, wasted to my boss, gained to me, reading your blog - empathizing and hiding tears. I feel relieved to know that someone else in the world feels what I feel. I know you have been in this longer than I, and I am sure the road I am going to travel will be filled with difficulty, but thank you. I feel like I have a shelter amidst this storm.

therapydoc said...

I couldn't be more flattered. So glad somebody gets it. It would be nice to be on someone's bathroom wall. I think.