Monday, May 28, 2007

Heroin Dream.

Ahh, yes. I had a really exciting dream last night. I have felt for a long time like I am much too empathetic. It's damned near pathological. I feel, and I feel, and I FEEL other people's mess.

So last night, I dreamed that we were looking for people to come over and help us with our new house. We needed a carpenter and an electrician, and I was trying to find these people on the blog. We found this wonderful carpenter who always posted these lovely comments, and he knew that I was also a heroin addict. It was a big secret, and this wonderful carpenter pulled it out of me, and made an announcement to the world that I, too was a heroin addict, and I needed help.

Immediately, when he said it, I knew it was true, and I felt my body wracked by withdrawal. Pain and agony and misery and thirst and hunger and stomach and mess, mess mess....

And my mother was very mad at me. And I was still in law school, some how, and I needed to get my work done, even though I knew I didn't want to be a lawyer and I was going to drop out. I was a miserable heroin addict law student.

It is funny to me because my best friend is struggling to get her law papers done. My husband is the miserable heroin addict. I'm just fine, but my unconscious mind insists on fighting other people's battles for them. Strange stuff.

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