Monday, May 28, 2007

Good Days Are Coming.

We have had several good days in a row. We're able to communicate well. We're working together to get the bills paid. He's been helping around the house, helping me. Yesterday, he changed the kitty box. It was amazing.

He's been so sane lately (with the exception of the Bojangles caper), and so have I. I feel less terror, less fear, less frustration. It's like he finally Gets It...perhaps because of my own behavior...I think letting him do the whole odyssey of Greensboro tattooing on his own was a good idea, for both of us.

We are going to be ok. I love him. He loves me. We're happy, or happier now. Honesty and happiness are such gifts, and it's all anyone can ask for.


Just your average girl said...

I am really hoping that things continue to go well with you two. He seems to be trying much harder these days.

Christine said...

I believe its ok to love addicts, I loved a heroin addict, my son so much
I had to learn how to love him well enuff not to enable him, to detach with love and continue to ahve a relationship, so many lessons he taught me about love