Friday, May 4, 2007

Heroin Charity Scandal Update and More Heroin News

Here's a link for the update on yesterday's heroin charity scandal. Apparently, not only was the woman who started the charity spending money on vacations and alcohol, she was also fueling her own addiction to the and getting in tight with former football players so she could attend ritzy events like the football Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. Weird.

In yesterday, officials made a bust of 62 kilograms of heroin. Because of Nigeria's "corrupt beaurocracy" and "porous borders," it serves as a conduit for those smuggling to Latin America and then on into the United States or Europe. The person transporting the goods was a 62 year old grandmother, who said she began smuggling to support herself after her children and family abandoned her.

Romanian police who had been using a confiscated for undercover work found 60 kg of heroin hidden under the backseat when the car was given to police mechanics for routine maintenance. Good thing the mechanics are honest!

The 19th Texas teenager died yesterday of an overdose of the new "cheese" heroin.

's basist is planning to release his heroin diaries, which he kept during his active addiction during the band's heyday.

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