Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Great Debate: Junky or Junkie?

There has been some contention, and I've even gotten emails from concerned it, definitively, "junky" or "junkie"? I've been accused of inconsistency; however, this accusation is clearly unfounded. I use "junky" myself--I like the look of the "y" at the end of the word, and it's the way William Burroughs spelled it. He is, of course, the ultimate , so we should use his spelling, I think. When I am quoting someone else who might use the "ie" spelling, however, I keep the author's spelling.

I thought that one way to resolve this problem would be to give you, my devoted readers, a chance to decide for yourselves. Mostly, though, I think these polls are neat, and I have no intention of changing my spelling of "junky." Perhaps I should buy the domain "thejunkieswife" before someone eager to take the $1.50 I've made so far in revenue! There's a lot of haters out there...and haters love to take your $1.50. It's a real tragedy, because every penny I make from your ad clicks goes towards refunding my husband's giant junky-ass's a veritable charity...a "Save The Marriage" foundation.

So vote, and discuss...let's figure this business out.

How do you spell the j-word that means horrible asshole heroin addict shitface?
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Just your average girl said...

Wow, you made $1.50...and you cancelled your New York trip? You'd have money to spare. hehe

thejunkyswife said...

You know, maybe "junky" is male and "junkie" is female...

Wayward Son said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. In regards to the choice of "junky" verses "junkie", I checked out the standard on line academic resources (Webster's,, Wikapedia, etc.) and there is no stated preference—which is odd for academia. This is most likely because the word is slang and the preference belongs to the user (pun intended). The genesis of the word comes from street slang for heroin, at least at some point in time, which was said to be "junk." Ergo a user of heroin was a junkie or junky, which ever you chose; there is no wrong choice here.

I used intravenously when I was using meth. There were many similarities in the rituals that surround the use of needles despite the addictions being worlds apart (opiates verses amphetamines). It seems there is no end to polarities in life.

One thing in this regard that seems to be universally agreed upon is that when you have more than one you have junkies.

I have just begun to read your blog. I'll read more to catch up on what it's all about.

Thanks again for the comment and stopping by.


thejunkyswife said...

Those silly "ie" people are winning. Come on "y" people! William Burroughs is on my side, and that's one hell of an authority on heroin, in my not-so-humble opinion...